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Welcome to the online home of Bury Me Deep Music. This site is intended to provide accurate and quality tabs along with matching bass covers to a variety of musical styles. Bury Me Deep is simply a means to express my musical tastes and an effort to provide quality tablature and accurate recordings. I hope that you find the tablature and bass cover tracks accurate and helpful.

Why Bury Me Deep?

As I began my journey into the world of bass guitar, I became frustrated with the quality and accuracy of readily available online bass tabs. The lack of standardized formatting and conflictng styles can make some tab difficult to follow and confusing to the reader. Most tablature I found made no mention of which respective version of a song the tab was meant to cover. With many artists releasing a multiple versions of a song, knowing which version a tab was meant to cover became challenging.


All tablature on this site uses common formatting, denotes which version of the song is being covered, and was written by combining the most accurate parts of all available tablature and standard notation. In no way is this site intended to compete with any of the most popular online tablature sites nor are my versions of these songs intended to replace the vast amount of online tutorials or covers by artists much more talented than I. This site is simply intended to provide a sample of my musical interests while providing tablature and recordings intended to help those musicians with similar musical tastes.